2/90 Sign Systems

2:90 2/90 Sign Systems has over 35 years of experience planning, manufacturing, installing and maintaining signage systems. Whether you need interior, exterior or digital signage, we’ve got you covered from off-the-shelf systems to custom signs.


sign systemsModular

An infinite offering of sizes, insert configurations and option finishes make 2/90 Modular the preferred choice of designers. Our off-the-shelf sign system provides unlimited options to design one-of-a-kind signs. When change occurs, just replace the copy insert, not the entire sign. Making changes to your wayfinding system is quick, easy, economical and sustainable. Choose to print your own laser-print paper inserts in-house or order replacement inserts that will be shipped from 2/90 in as little as 48 hours.



Arcsign systems

Arc is the solution for those who want the fresh, contemporary look of curved signs, but appreciate the flexibility of modular signage. The understated, transitional style allows them to blend seamlessly into any interior design schemes. Arc inserts can be fabricated from almost any 2/90 insert material and copy option. They can also accommodate paper for the ultimate end-user flexibility in changing names, titles, departments and messages. Your creativity is limited only by your imagination.

sign systemsEnhanced

Enhance 2/90 Standard sign system with a collection of backers or design elements to complement your environment.


Fall in love with a beautiful selection of standard shapes and patterns with our Essentials offering of Modular and Arc signs. The collection of 12 designs features an exciting array of organic, textural, linear, natural and abstract patterns all made in-house for the quick lead-times our clients expect.


Design your own backer or shapes to enhance our sign systems and make one-of-a-kind designs.

sign systems in wisconsin


ADA Signage that adapts to your environment. ADA signage never looked so good! New patterns, shapes & colors combine to compliance you need with the aesthetic you love.

Eco-friendly Material

Adaptive™ products contain up to 40% post-industrial recycled material with a clear, high-resolution polyester photopolymer.

sign systems in hospital


In healthcare, good communication is essential to patient satisfaction, and satisfied patients are essential to meeting your goals. That’s why we created VitalSign™, an architectural sign solution for communicating critical care information to staff, visitors and patients.

Choose from a collection of standard color-code medical alert messages or customized sliders in any color, symbol, or configuration. The messages are self-contained within our Modular sign system providing security, durability, and ease of maintenance. Sign size is determined by the number of messages and the sign options needed.

Digitalsign systems

2/90 Sign Systems is excited to offer a complete line of digital signage to support our modular sign systems. Whether your need is wayfinding, visitor processing, or communicating current events and information, 2/90 Digital Signage will inform your staff and visitors more efficiently whileenhancing their impression of your facility.

Use digital signage to help people find their destination quickly using interactive wayfinding directories. Broadcast multiple messages with digital bulletin boards. Use digital meeting room displays to identify destinations and display scheduling information. Take advantage of Customer Flow Management (CFM) systems to streamline queuing while capturing valuable information for your organization.

sign systemsExterior

Exterior signs represent your organization to the world, including current and prospective customers, employees, and the community. They provide multiple functions including identification, wayfinding, and information. Whether you choose free-standing or mounted signage, post and panel signs, illuminated or non-illuminated signs, or electronic messaging, our turnkey solutions will help you make a lasting impression.

Our signs are fabricated with aluminum components and state-of-the-art paint technology to provide excellent durability in all weather conditions.


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