Windfall Lumber



In 1997 Windfall was started with the goal of selling wood responsibly. While doing so we have built our business and expanded our offerings using reclaimed, salvaged and FSC certified wood. Peoples’ lives are enhanced by the beauty of our products, both in their creation and once installed. The Windfall Team is focused on manufacturing well designed and carefully made products, here, in Tumwater, WA.



We’re a group of people passionate about wood that has a good past.

And a better future.


Wall Cladding

Our cladding line includes a variety of textures, colors, looks, and feels for both interior and exterior applications.


Our custom tabletops are made from reclaimed, FSC® certified and Pacific NorthWest wood species. You will find no two tables alike and all will have a great story behind them.


Custom butcher block, end grain, live-edge, and plank tops are available in a variety of reclaimed wood species from the Pacific Northwest.

Engineered Panels

Engineered panels use reclaimed wood from demolished buildings making it ideal for wall covering, signage & more.


Windfall Lumber Video

For more information about Windfall Lumber feel free to contact me or visit their website here.